About Us

In conversations with friends, family, and partners in this new political era, we’ve heard many are eager to become civically engaged. They just don’t quite know how.

Enter Circle of Health International and our 14 years of crisis management on behalf of women and children. We know how to do this—how to navigate tense terrain, have hard conversations, and show up for those most in need, especially on days and in places where it is hard to do so.

That’s why we’ve created ActivateUs: COHI’s activism material, mailed directly to eager citizens with easy steps to take action, stand up, and speak out.


Our objective is to equip members of the community that wish to become socially engaged with ActivateUs as their tool of choice, to learn about social issues in the U.S. and take action.

We aim to take a novel approach to conversation that ultimately leads to action, creating call-to-action guides that invite the community to participate in broader discussions around:

  • Gender Equality
  • Reproductive Justice
  • Immigrants Rights
  • Climate Justice
  • Women in the Workplace, Education and Science
  • Gun Violence Prevention
  • LGBTQI Rights

And much, much more