ActivateUs "The Motivation" Kit

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Want to feel motivated and engaged? We've got you covered. Get your activism groove on with The Motivation Kit, which includes:

An Activist Guide- filled with call scripts & phone numbers, postcard scripts and topical information to keep you up-to-date and feeling engaged. 

20 badass activist postcards for completing your Activist Guide, plus 20 inspirational stamps. BOOM.

A sweet activist mug to sip from and use for motivation while writing out those postcards! Or while drumming up your Saturday plans, which may or may not include a protest... Just sayin'


*To keep things spicy, Postcards and Mug will change monthly, so you won't end up with weird pairs or triplets* 


**Please note, all orders placed before 3/23 will ship on 3/24. Thank you for your patience as we launch our inaugural ActivateUs kits!