ActivateUs: Gun Violence Prevention

ActivateUs: Gun Violence Prevention "The Basics" Kit

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Communities all over the country live in fear of gun violence. High school students across the nation are adding their youth leadership into the movement to go to school without the fear of gun violence. Hatred comes in many different forms. But there’s no reason why those filled with hate should have a gun. We have to disarm hate! 

We've put together a Box o' Activism- bare bones style- with all you need to pester your politicians and be in-the-know.

Your kit will include 1 Activist Guide on gun control and gun violence prevention featuring call-to action items with call scripts, postcard scripts and topical information to keep you up-to-date and feeling engaged. 

1 Premium Ballpoint Pen with the ActivateUs logo and "Disarm Hate" phrase.

10 activist postcards for completing your Activist Guide, plus 10 inspirational stamps.

*To keep things interesting for your postcard recipients, we change up your postcards per kit. Let's keep 'em guessing!*