Youth Activation Kit

Youth Activation Kit

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Youth-led organizations, movements and protests are what propelled America forward in the past, and still what propels us forward today. The youth in America are inspired by and passionate about so many social and political injustices that are going on in today's society. As a result, they have promoted different causes to social media, contracted their elected officials, and demonstrated in public to voice their opinions about the things that are affecting them now and into the future. The world is changing and at the forefront are the youth, more outspoken and driven than ever. 

Looking to engage in broader discussions and become and activist on your own time? We've curated a Youth Activation kit to inspire you to learn more, and grow more.

Your kit includes:

  • An Activist Guide- filled with call scripts & phone numbers, postcard scripts and topical information to keep you up-to-date and feeling engaged.
  • 10 badass activist postcards for completing your Activist Guide, plus 10 inspirational stamps. Done and done!