Immigration "The Basics" Kit

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We have a new IMMIGRATION kit in the works! Pre-order yours now!

This kit is rich with information and will address many aspects of immigration.

Some of the topics include :

• An explanation of current "zero-tolerance policies”

• An analysis of the "Muslim" travel ban
• Stories/experiences/short and long term effects of family separation at the border

• COHI and other organizations’ work at the border • And of course, how to be an ally and take action! 

The kit can be pre-ordered on our website or you can keep an eye out for its official release!

What's on your kit:

An Activist Guide- filled with call scripts & phone numbers, postcard scripts and topical information to keep you up-to-date and feeling engaged. 

10 activist postcards for completing your Activist Guide, plus 20 inspirational stamps.

*To keep things interesting for your postcard recipients, we change up your postcards monthly.