ActivateUs "The Inspiration" Kit

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Looking to dig deeper on your activist lore? We've curated a kit to inspire you to learn more, and grow more.

Your kit includes:

An Activist Guide- filled with call scripts & phone numbers, postcard scripts and topical information to keep you up-to-date and feeling engaged. 

20 badass activist postcards for completing your Activist Guide, plus 20 inspirational stamps. Done and done!

 A sweet patch with "This is what a Feminist looks like." Hell yeah.

Men And Feminism by Shira Tarrant: "Tarrant's engaging and innovative book reminds us that feminism isn't just for women. Gender expectations limit all of us just as gender equality benefits all of us. She shows us that gender equality is not a zero-sum game and that men's lives are bettered by feminist gains."


*We want to keep things jazzy; items will change monthly, because we like you*