Menstrual Health Activism Kit

Menstrual Health Activism Kit

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In the context of human rights, the time has come to openly acknowledge that half the world population menstruates and to expose all the ways this fact has become a biological disadvantage to women, worldwide, that unnecessarily restricts their ability to participate in society as equals. Menstrual activism is a call to action to confront the negative attitudes about menstruation, recognize the full social impact of this level of discrimination, and promote action to change the injustice on multiple fronts: political, social, cultural and personal, and with attention to those who are disproportionately affected.

We've curated a kit to inspire you to learn more about how to become a menstrual health advocate!

Your kit includes:

  • An Activist Guide on menstruation activism.
  • 10 activist postcards for completing your Activist Guide, plus 10 inspirational stamps.